Welcome to Board and Train Your Way

Have you looked into board and train and felt nervous about leaving your dog with a stranger? Try my reverse board and train program! I come to your house and train you and your dog. My 2 week intensive program includes over 25 hours of training and 6 days of in-home training. Whether you are struggling to housetrain your new puppy, fighting with pack dynamics, or finding it difficult to manage your dog’s aggression, I can help you establish routine, order and reach goals. This program is highly adaptable and personalized. Read more below

I offer 2 programs at this point:
Basic  2-Week Program $1800
6 Days of in-home, private training over the course of 2 weeks
Each day consists of 4-6hrs of observation and instruction

Advanced  2-Week Program $2200+
Same as above
Includes e-collar and e-collar training

At the end of the 2 weeks, you will:
* Understand your dog better
* Have a calmer household
* Enjoy your dog more
* Know how to tackle novel situations on your own