Welcome to Diane the Dog Trainer

Professional training for your dog with proven methods. Training for over 15 years, I have the experience and knowledge you need to take your dog to next level. With a focus on relationship, you'll learn how to communicate with your dog and have the companion you've always wanted.

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Brindle dog making eye contact with female trainer

My Promise to You

I will:
Use proven and safe training practices
Provide excellent customer service
Customize each program to your individual goals
Commit to continued professional development
Work with specific breed traits as needed

I cannot guarantee outcome because I cannot control you, your household, or your dog. My promise to you is that I will demonstrate the skills you need to be successful with your dog. 

Specializing in

Primitive dog breeds
"Problem" dogs
Breeds that are independent and "stubborn"
Behavioral problems (such as aggression and resource guarding)
Adolescent dogs

Brindle dog making eye contact with female trainer


What our customers write about us

Diane knows how to train both dog and owner! She is patient and practical and even our Siberian likes her :) We have been working for months to get our exuberant lab puppy ready to pass her therapy dog test and are excited to accomplish this goal thanks to Diane!

Diane is great with our baby girl! She is patient and shows great knowledge and enthusiasm. She has helped our puppy and us to start speaking the same language. I love how detailed and personal our doggie training is.