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My dog training experience started in 2006 when I adopted my first rescue dog who was severely fearful. After putting him through basic and advanced obedience, I continued my education by devouring every book, mentoring with several trainers, and working with hundreds of dogs in my local shelter. I trained neighbor’s dogs, served on the board of a local AKC club and a Siberian Husky rescue for years, competed in rally with my personal dogs, and trained 2 of my dogs to be certified therapy dogs (not service dogs).

In 2016, I started my own business with a focus on rescue dogs, behavioral problems common in adolescent and rescue dogs, aggressive dogs, and service and therapy dogs. I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and fully insured.  I live in Adams county with my 4 dogs, herd of sheep, cattle, various poultry, and a cat.


Senior Team Member

Riko was adopted from a shelter in Cleveland, OH when he was a year old. He was extremely dog aggressive (to the point that he’d react to hearing chains on a bus). After intensive training, he was able to pass his therapy dog test and become certified. He is my demo dog and my guinea pig for teaching new skills. He helps to teach other dogs good social skills, demonstrates behaviors for dogs to imitate, and aids when we work with dog reactive dogs.

When we moved to a farm, his intense prey drive became the next challenge to overcome. Despite his love for killing things, he learned to live peacefully with free ranging poultry and livestock of all kinds.

Bashitser (aka Bash)

Team Member in-training

Bash is an adolescent Armenian Gampr. He came from working farm parents to join my pack of working LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) on my homestead. When he is not protecting the herd from predators, he is training to be a demo dog for when Riko wants to retire.