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I am a certified, professional dog trainer with over a decade of experience. My experience with my own fearful and aggressive pet dogs gives me the skills and understanding I need to help you and your dog. I know the embarrassment and frustration that can come with an aggressive or fearful dog. But I also know the joy of turning a dog around. The dogs I have worked with all gained confidence and became wonderful family members. The barkers and lungers walk nicely with their owners past people and dogs. The dogs too timid to walk outside or welcome guests trot confidently through doors and toward visitors. The dog that used to snarl and bite over food now backs into a sit when approached.


I keep up with the latest dog training and behavior studies through blogs, books, other trainers, and a variety of courses. While I advocate for and train with positive methods, I read articles and books that cover a variety of methods. Being well-rounded and well-versed is important as it gives me a basis for addressing the variety of dogs and owners I encounter. I use praise, play, and food as primary motivators. I prefer these methods as they generate quick, long-lasting learning. I am familiar with clicker training and can use it to help improve your relationship with your dog. Clicker training has been successfully used with cats, rabbits, horses, goats, and even fish (click here). You have heard the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I firmly believe any dog can learn new tricks, from puppies to seniors!

Diane Petroski, CPDT-KA
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