Dog Obedience Training in Spring Grove, PA


Positive Training for Positive Results

Diane the Dog Trainer is a professional dog obedience training provider in Spring Grove. We specialize in aggression, obedience training, behavior adjustment, service dogs and therapy dogs. Our canine instructors are certified pros that concentrate on fixing behavioral problems free from the use of fear, injury, or intimidation so pets may take pleasure in the learning process and absorb their training. Reserve an appointment inquiry on our site or call us at (440) 447-0441 with any questions.

Aggression Training

We train to address aggression and other dangerous behaviors such as territory aggression, fear aggression, food guarding.

Day Training

Does your dog need some help learning to walk on a leash? Or to leave other animals, food or even people, alone? Whatever your training woes, Diane the Dog Trainer can help you and your dogs achieve the best chances for success with weekly planned and structured sessions to give your dog and your family results!

You can learn more about day training by clicking here. 

Behavior Modification

We use positive reinforcement to correct behavioral issues such as barking, digging, jumping up, biting, chewing and other dog and puppy problems.

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