Day Training

Does your dog need some help learning to walk on a leash? Or to leave other animals, food or even people, alone? Or maybe your beloved pet jumps on everyone they meet? Whatever your training woes, Diane the Dog Trainer can help you and your dogs achieve the best chances for success with weekly planned and structured sessions to give your dog and your family results!

In-person session: 1 hour of training with all or most family members present and participating

Hourly session: 1 hour of training the dog without family participation

2-week Package: 1 evaluation, 6 hourly sessions and 2 in-person sessions ($600 due at initial evaluation)

4-week Package: 1 evaluation, 12 hourly sessions and 4 in-person sessions ($1,200; $600 due at initial evaluation, $600 due at 2‌nd in-person session)

To schedule, call: 440-796-9332 or email: If you have already talked to me, then you can schedule an evaluation.


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