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I use a mix of clicker training methods and typical positive reinforcement. I prefer the clicker method as it generates quick learning. Once a dog understands the how the clicker method works, they can learn a new trick in as little as one day. Imagine teaching your dog to fetch your shoes in a day! It takes a little work for the dog to understand how the game works. And it takes some practice on the human end as well. However, once the human gets the timing right and the dog understands, tricks (like no barking or jumping on guests) can be quickly accumulated. These methods have been successfully used with cats, rabbits, and even fish. You have heard the old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” With my methods, any dog can learn new tricks, from puppies to seniors!


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Bad manners stem from a lack of respect and/or a lack of communication. If your dog knows what is expected but does not respect you, he will continue to jump and bite. If your dog respects you but does not understand what you want, she will continue to bark and pull. Whichever one is the problem, clicker training solves them both.

Dogs do not do well with being the leader of a pack that includes humans. Most were not breed to work without a human counterpart. Leaders have a lot of responsibility and that responsibility comes with a lot stress. It’s hard to run a human world when you’re a dog and when the human world runs by a different set of rules than those that run the dog world. Communication and relationship are key.

Here is a long distance recall. For more videos, check out my video page Videos.

And just for kicks, here is my cat, Motor, showing off his first two tricks: up and sit.