My retired therapy dog on the left (who has since passed away). My then up-and-coming therapy dog on the right. And their friend in the middle.

2016-07-23 10.46.13

Riko being read to at a pet therapy session

Therapy Dog Training: I have trained four dogs from the shelter life to the good life of a spoiled therapy dog.

AKC Events: I have trained several dogs to pass AKC’s CGC test. I have also competed in AKC dog shows.

Shelter: From 2005 to 2015, I volunteered off and on for a local shelter as a dog trainer. While I would work with all the dogs in the shelter, most of the dogs I dealt with were in the back. The dogs in the back are the ones that weren’t safe to have on the floor for adoption. My training work with them got them adopted or into foster care. These dogs were extremely fearful, aggressive, and/or boisterous. We worked together toward confidence and manners.

Siberian Husky rescue: Volunteered with Adopt-a-Husky Ohio, Inc. from 2011 to present. I have served as a training consultant and as President of the club.


A shelter dog, working on learning not to jump on or bite people.