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by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
From Tasmanian Pug to Snuggle Bug

Diane is amazing! We started our pug in training with her after she was a year old so she had already developed her "bad habits". Diane is very patient and her love / respect for animals is something that you can see from the first second she interacts with your fur baby. She listened to our concerns and worked with us not only on basics but habits we wanted to break. I feel like she taught us how to effectively communicate with Stella which instantly changed her demeanor. I would highly recommend Diane for any training needs you have!

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer

Move over Dog Whisperer. There's a new sheriff in town!From the first time Diane stepped foot into the house, she and my dog seemed to have an unspoken mode of communication.There is play, love, discipline, and respect. He is learning so much, so fast and she is teaching us in such a way that it doesn't seem overwhelming.She has been very encouraging, positive, helpful and fun. Our dog loves her.

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
A Positive Relationship
Review: Plenty of Patience and Experience

I am extremely thankful for Diane. Our two puppies (both under 1 year old) needed training. Diane patiently listened to all of my concerns and has been extremely gracious in responding to my many MANY questions along the way. We started the clicker training method that Diane recommended and our pups have shown remarkable improvements. Our youngest pup has become more confident around people approaching and loud noises, and has learned many basic commands. Our older pup is working on proper behavior around other dogs and dropping sticks. Diane’s teaching largely focuses on attention work and keeping the relationship you have with your dog a positive one. Diane always brings a positive energy to each session and has even helped me to feel more confident handling my dogs.

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
5 stars!

We give Diane 5 stars! With patience and compassion she has transformed our pomeranian puppy after only 4 sessions. She has helped me through the steps to become assertive with Tank which in turn has made Tank a more confident and less anxious dog. My husband and I just love the energy and commitment she brings to each session. If you are feeling skeptical, this is your sign-- call her now!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Diane we love you!

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
Natural Dog Trainer
Review: Great Trainer!

Diane is a "Natural Born Dog Trainer". Her talent is not something learned from a text book. She has the Calm, Assertive, Leadership skills that dogs Trust. These same Leadership Qualities have propelled her to become the President of, Adopt A Husky Ohio, Inc., a 501(c) 3 organization. Part of her duties entail assisting experienced foster homes with difficult to handle rescued dogs. The second part of her duties are even more difficult, educating the general public. Adopt a Husky Ohio gets a constant barrage of emails and phone calls from husky owners that had no idea what they were getting into. Problems range from puppy hi-jinks to severe abuse cases. If you can train a Husky, you can train any breed. Above all, Diane’s integrity is beyond reproach. She will have your dog’s best interest in mind, and you will not be over-promised, or mislead.

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
The Real Dog Whisperer
Review: Highly recommended!

My one year old Golden Retriever was in desperate need of training, and Diane has proven to be perfect for the position. He took to her instantly and it blows my mind how much he has learned in just three weeks. She thoroughly understands dogs and knows how to respond to all situations, and you can tell she is passionate about what she does. Her skills and teaching abilities are invaluable, and she's definitely worth investing in to train your dog. I could not be happier!

by Anonymous on Diane the Dog Trainer
Extremely Happy
Review: Happy Happy Happy

I really have to say the training of our 5mo Saint was going to be tricky she was more than a handfull at times. Diane showed us a few things to do with Bella and she picked up everything so much quicker than I thought. Diane thinks like your dog would think which is very helpful. We choose what words we would like to use for commands. She worked with us and Bella on our new needs. She is on time, pleasant, and priced well, and very good at what she does. We will continue to use her for all our training needs.