Akita with serious medical issues that intertwine with his fear and aggression. I work along side veterinarians in most cases.

How long does it take to train an aggressive (or fearful) dog to be normal?
The time it takes to train an aggressive or fearful dog varies widely. It depends on the dog’s history (how long he’s been practicing the behavior), the dog’s genetics, previous training, and the severity of the case. At least three months are required to have a good start on progress and begin to see lasting results. Habits take a long time to develop and teach. Both you and your dog will rewire your relationship and your household. It’s not easy and it’s not quick.

Can you train my dog to be normal?
Yes and no. Your dog is normal. Fear and aggression are normal in any animal. Because fear and aggression are natural behaviors for dogs, they are always options for your dog. However, most dogs learn to control those impulses and communicate in a way that is not harmful. The behavior can be modified and shaped while the underlying fear is addressed. Part of owning a reactive dog is being willing to rebuild confidence and skills. Yes, you can walk your dog down the street, have visitors over, and enjoy life with a dog without worrying.

One of the shelter dogs I worked with

How much will it cost?
Price depends on bite history and the risk I take working with your dog. Price is by the hour: $50-100/hr and will be discussed during the evaluation. The evaluation is $100 and takes 1.5-2 hours. ALL household members MUST be present at the evaluation.

Leash reactive shelter dog (would bite when his collar or neck was touched)

What methods do you use?
I used science-based methods that have been shown to have great results. I focus on building the relationship through communication. Dogs don’t speak the same language as humans so we often need to work on understanding each other. I build the dog’s confidence and decision making ability so that he or she is able to cope better.