Riko, my Siberian/Akita mix, and myself

My expertise with dogs comes from a variety of experiences. The first dog I worked with was terrified of men and lacked many basic obedience skills. We worked together to build enough confidence and skills to become a therapy dog team. (Therapy dogs visit people in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Dogs and handlers must pass a rigorous test.)

Since 2005, I have worked with dogs in their own homes. From chihuahuas to pitbulls to shepherds to Siberian huskies to mutts, I have trained a variety of dogs, including several rare breeds. My work with dogs also includes training dogs at a local shelter and working with Adopt A Husky Ohio, Inc. At the local shelter, I trained the most difficult dogs, those marked with a red tag. The red tag indicated that the dog was dangerous in one way or another. My goal was to make those dogs adoptable or able to be pulled by rescues.

I keep up with the latest dog training and behavior studies through blogs, books, and other trainers. While I advocate for and train with positive methods, I read articles and books that cover a variety of methods. Being well-rounded and well-versed is important as it gives me a basis for addressing the variety of problems and dogs I encounter.


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